You can make edits to most components of your program in Evalato after it goes live, with some exceptions. Note, however, that some changes to live programs could potentially result in the loss of data. That is why we recommend setting all program processes in Test mode and adjusting them according to your needs before going live.

What you cannot change after your program goes live

While you can change most elements of your program in Evalato after it goes live, some settings cannot be changed:

  • Tax settings — the tax settings cannot be changed after sales have been made. We, therefore, recommend that you check any applicable regulations with your accountant, local tax expert, or financial advisor before switching to Live mode. Note that if your applicants are based in other jurisdictions, different tax regulations may apply.

  • Program currency — this setting cannot be changed after sales have been made. By default, the currency is set to euro, but you can change this from Settings > Payments > Currency where you get a list of multiple currencies as well as Bitcoin. Note that this setting affects your prices as they appear on the registration form. The actual currency of the payments depends on your merchant account with your payment processor.

What changes are not recommended after your program goes live

While technically you can make the following changes after your program goes live, they are not recommended:

  • The program’s domain — changing the domain of a program with live registrations is not recommended, as it would invalidate the links that your customers have already received in their emails. Additionally, registrations made with vanity domains other than the original/default and the last vanity domain won't be able to redirect successfully to the custom domain.

  • The category of an application — changing the category of an application means the application also switches to the new category’s application form, if different. If the old category has a different application form, some information might be lost due to the different fields on the forms.

  • The application form of a category — changing the application form of a category with existing entries could result in lost information associated with the fields in the old application form.

  • Form fields — editing or deleting fields in the application and registration form, as well as changing the answers to question-type fields, could also result in lost information associated with those fields.

Pro tip: To minimize the risk of data loss due to different forms and form fields, you can use the same application form for multiple categories where possible since one application form can be assigned to multiple categories.

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