Each of your organizations in Evalato has its own settings accessed by clicking the name of the organization on the Main menu. There you can see the organization dashboard, and the Organization menu that lets you change a number of settings for your organization.


The general settings let you select the name, type, and country of your organization. You will also be required to choose a time zone. Note that this selection will impact the programs set under this organization, including the timing of any scheduled emails, as well as the start and end dates of your program.


You can use this tab to invite people to help you with the workload. Click on the Add co-worker button and enter the email address of the person you wish to invite to your organization. Their status in the Co-workers tab will appear as ‘pending’ until they accept the invitation when it will be changed to ‘active’.

You can also use the Co-wokers tab to delete a person by clicking on the X next to their name. The system will ask you to confirm or cancel your decision.

Email addresses

This will open your Email configuration settings. Note that If you wish to use a custom email address for your automated program communication, you need to add and validate its domain first by typing the name in the “set up new domain” field.

You can then add one or more addresses which belong to that domain (each email has to be verified individually as well), to use for all outgoing communication for your program.

Adding an email address lets you use it as the "Reply to" email (set from Emails > Send options), which is where you'd receive replies to your automatic emails. To add a new email address to your organization simply click the Add email address button. You will have to check your inbox and confirm that the address is valid.

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