You can use your own email address for automated communication through Evalato. To start, click on the organization’s name on the main menu, then go to Organization menu > Email addresses and press Set-up new domain. Enter the domain of the email address/es you wish to use.

Once you enter the domain name, the system will provide you with the information you need to configure the DNS records for each of the domains you use as part of your sender addresses. This allows the system to validate the domain, so you can then add email addresses associated with it.

Press Verify records to check if the domain has been validated yet - please keep in mind that the validation usually takes less than 20 minutes, but in some cases might take up to 48 hours.

Once validated, you can add an email from that domain and check your inbox to verify it. Validated emails can be used as the “Send” email in the Emails section for automated email communication through the system, as set from Emails > Send options.

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