The option to create, remove and add tags to applications can be found in the Applications section on the program menu, using the Set tags button.

Application tags can be used to label program submissions for various purposes, for example:

  • to tag applications for easy sorting

  • to label applications that make it to the next round with a “Shortlist” tag

  • to mark for consideration before approving / rejecting them

  • to label “Gold”, “Silver”, “Bronze” winners with the corresponding tags

  • to create a label called “Winner” to tag the winners from each category

You can also choose to make some tags "Visible" to everyone - applicants, judges, during public voting, and the public (if the applications are made public on the web page).

To change the "Visible" setting of a tag, press Set tags in the Applications section and select the Manage tags option.

Tag applications

To tag applications, select one or more applications from the list, then press Set tags and choose the tag/s you wish to apply.

Create a new tag

To create a new tag, press Set tags > Create new tag.

Manage tags

To manage the existing tags, press Set tags > Manage tags.

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