Organization owner – when someone creates an organization in Evalato, the system automatically assigns to them the Organization owner role. They can invite more people to the organization, who are assigned the admin role and can help manage programs created under the organization. Only the owner of an organization acts as a super admin and has access to everything, including the Billing section, found on the main menu, right next to My profile, Apps, and Notifications.

Program admin – admins have access to all programs created under the organization. They can make changes to all settings and manage registrations and applications, but do not get access to the organization’s Billing settings.

Program judge – admins can invite people to a program’s judging panel via Evaluation > Judges. When someone is invited as a judge, they receive an email notification with log-in details to the judging portal. Judges get access only to the applications assigned to them.

Applicant – people who register for the program receive a confirmation email with log-in details to the applicant portal, where they can work on their program entries and eventually submit them.

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