Test mode

All programs start in Test mode. This allows you to set up your program and see how everything works before going Live with it. You cannot test actual payments in Test mode - they are simulated instead. The other difference compared to Live mode is there’s a fixed registration limit of 20 and an application limit of 20.


You can switch your program to Live and start accepting registrations whenever you wish. It’s recommended that you configure everything to your requirements first, in Test mode, then press the Go live button when ready. You will be asked to choose a pricing plan that fits your needs. Once a program goes Live and will be active for the next 365 days.


After reaching 365 days from going Live the program will automatically go into Closed status. You can manually Close the program at any time. A closed program means that it cannot accept new registrations, evaluate any applications, or make changes to the settings. All data for your closed program is archived and remains available to you. You can re-open the program at any time.

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