Evalato connects to over 3000 apps and services via Zapier, including the most popular and secure invoicing apps on the web. To use such integrations you need to create a Zapier account at https://zapier.com.

  • Once you are ready with your Zapier account switch back to Evalato and go to Data > Integrations > Zapier. There you will find your API key, which you need to copy-paste when adding Evalato to your Zapier account.

  • Go back to Zapier and add your Evalato account to the list of Connected Accounts. Provide the email you registered with Evalato and the API key you copied. You will also need an account with the invoicing app of your choice and connect it to Zapier, as well.

  • Create a new Zap (connection between the two web applications) so Evalato can communicate with the invoicing app. This means Evalato is the Trigger app, because it’s the one sending information to the invoicing software – the Action app.

When it comes to invoicing you will mostly use Evalato’s New payment trigger – triggered when a new payment is made. Of course, you can also use the New registration trigger – triggered when someone registers for your program!


Trigger: You receive a new payment from an applicant registering for your program

Action: An invoice is automatically created in your preferred invoicing app

To complete the Zap setup just follow the simple steps that Zapier takes you through.

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