You can access the ZIP file export from Analytics & export > Export by using the Applications (ZIP with all files) option.

You can choose one of the following 3 options when downloading your zipped file:

  • download all applications in one folder – applications data is grouped by application name;
  • download all applications grouped by category – you get separate folders with applications grouped by your program’s categories.
  • download all applications grouped by registrant – you get separate folders with applications grouped by registrants. For example, if you have 5 applications from John Smith, 15 applications from Jane Smith and 10 applications from Jack Smith, you’ll get 3 separate folders named after them containing sub-folders with their respective applications.

Each folder with individual applications contains:

  • A .pdf file of the application
  • A .txt file with the registration info
  • Folders with supplementary files that came with the application (images, documents, etc.)

The ZIP file with all exported applications is delivered to you by email. The system also automatically generates a link to the ZIP file and the date and time of the download just below the Export button. Depending on the amount of applications data, the system might need some time to compress everything and prepare the exported file.

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