In order to test the judging process, please follow these steps:

  • Make a test registration for the program as an applicant would and Submit the test application for approval. There are no real payments in Test mode - they're simulated by the system, so you can also test the checkout process.

  • In your Evalato admin workspace go to Applications and approve and shortlist the test application using the Move to button;

  • Go to Evaluation > Judges > Add judge to add yourself as a program judge. Make sure you assign yourself to the judging round and category that the test application belongs to;

  • Check your email for the judging invitation and use the URL to log into the judging portal. Rate the test application;

  • Check in Evaluation > Results to see if the judge vote for the test application has been registered correctly.

  • If you are testing in Live mode, you will need to delete the judge vote from Evaluation > Votes, remove yourself from Evaluation > Judges, and delete the test registration from Registrations. When switching from Test to Live mode these are all wiped out automatically.

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