You can set, edit, and customize every element of the evaluation process for your program from Evaluation > Rounds.

Adding an evaluation round

Press the Add round button to add a new evaluation round. You can customize every aspect of the new round.


Choose whether applications shortlisted in this round will be evaluated by a panel of judges you invite for the program or by public voting.

Voting round types

  • Score voting - best for evaluation phases where you require custom scorecards, each with its own set of criteria, weights, and scale. The scores given by each judge are then averaged and the candidate with the highest average score is considered the winner.

  • Popularity voting - with this option each member of the judging panel is allowed to approve one or more program applications. You can also set how many votes are given to each judge and the winner in a category is the application that gets the most votes.

  • Simple review - as the name suggests, the simple voting option can be used for quickly reviewing applications. Unlike Popularity voting, Simple review gives members of the judging panel the option to give applications a negative vote.

  • Points voting - this is essentially a points distribution evaluation system where each voter is asked to distribute a set number of points among shortlisted applications. Points can be limited per application, category, and round. The applications with the most points are the winners.

Start / End date

The period in which this evaluation round will be active - program judges won't be able to rate applications for this round outside of the set period.

Judge comments

You can make judge comments:

  • Optional - each judge can provide commentary in addition to their scores, if they wish to do so

  • Mandatory - each judge is required to provide commentary in addition to their scores

  • Disabled - judge comments are disabled

Enable abstain

Allow judges to decline to vote on one or more applications for this specific evaluation round. When a judge declines to vote on an application, the points for the application are calculated as if the judge does not exist.

Judges can view other judges scores

Allow judges to view the scores given by other judges for this specific evaluation round.

Enable score normalization

With the Score voting voting type, you also get the option to enable score normalization – a mathematical formula which ensures that every entry is scored based on the same set of standards, regardless of how many judges are evaluating the program submissions.

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