Exporting program data for external use is done from Data > Export.

You can export data for:


  • Registrations

  • Unfinished registrations

  • Applications

  • Applications (option to export everything including any supplementary materials into a ZIP file)

  • Individual votes

The exported files are in .xlsx format - a Microsoft Excel Open XML Format Spreadsheet file. To open the files you can use Excel (Microsoft Office), Kingsoft Spreadsheets, OpenOffice, Google Sheets, or Zoho Docs. If you use Chrome web browser, you can view and edit .xlsx files by installing Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides as an extension.

Exporting all applications into a ZIP file

Choosing to export all data (ZIP with all files) allows you to:

  • download everything in one folder stored in folders grouped by application name

  • download everything grouped by category where you get separate folders according to your program categories. 

  • download everything grouped by registrant keeping separate folders with applications grouped by registrants.

  • only files everything in a single folder

The ZIP file is prepared by the system and sent to your registered email. Depending on the amount of applications data, the system might need some time to compress everything and prepare the exported file.

Exporting individual applications as PDF files

When you export everything to an Excel file, there's a column in the exported .xlsx file called Submission PDF - the link in that column allows you to download the submission as a PDF file.

You can also export as a PDF file from the Applications section, by clicking on the contextual menu (the small arrow pointing downwards at the end of each row).

Important: Keep in mind that form fields (as set from Settings > Forms) that you make visible only to Evalato admins via the Data access setting will not be visible in the exported PDF file!

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