If you're using Facebook ads, you can track and improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by connecting your program in Evalato to your Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel is code that tracks users as they interact with your website or registration form, so you can re-market to the ones who have taken one or more of the following 4 Standard Events:

  • AddToCart - when the user completes the first step of the registration process

  • InitiateCheckout - when the user reaches the payment step of the registration process, but is yet to pay

  • Purchase - when the user completes the registration process, including the payment

  • SubmitApplication - when the user submits an application

To do this simply go to Website > Integrations, choose the Facebook Pixel Tracking ID section, then provide your tracking ID and press SAVE!

To find your Facebook Pixel ID:

  1. Log in to Facebook and go to your Ads Manager account.

  2. Open the Navigation Bar and select Events Manager.

  3. Copy your Pixel ID from underneath your Site Name and paste the number directly into the corresponding field in Evalato.

  4. Press SAVE to keep the changes.

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