The Applications section on the Program menu is where you can find all program applications, as well as see their status and the time an application has been edited last. Managing applications includes:

  • add tags to applications for easier management via the Set tags button;

  • changing their status between approved, rejected, submitted, or draft via the Set status button.

  • Edit the different voting rounds they're assigned to via the Set rounds button;

  • filter applications based on status, category, round, and tags;

  • sort applications based on ID, last edited, name, category, and status.

Exporting an entry as a PDF file

You can export an entry individually from the program’s Applications section, by clicking on the contextual menu (the small arrow pointing downwards at the end of each row).

When you export everything to an Excel file, there's a column in the exported .xlsx file called Submission PDF - the link in that column allows you to download the application as a PDF file.

Important: Keep in mind that application form fields (as set from the Data access setting for that field in Settings > Forms) that are set as visible only to Evalato admins will not be visible in the exported PDF file!

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