All program registrations can be found in Registrations on the Program menu. There you can do things like view, delete, edit info, add or remove payments, and cancel applications.

Managing multiple registrations at once

You can select multiple registrations by marking the checkboxes on the left of each registration. With one or more selected registrations use the Actions button to delete or mark them as paid. Any other edits or actions to a registration have to be done by opening the registration. 

Additional edits and actions

Edit registration – you can edit every piece of information in a selected registration by clicking Edit. Be careful though because any changes you make will become permanent after you press the SAVE button!

Additional registration actions can be done by clicking Actions:

  • Mark as paid - marks a registration as paid. This is necessary to be done manually for registrations that are paid via an offline payment method.

  • Change price - make adjustments to the price of a registration. For registrations with more than one registered applications, the price for each application has to be changed separately. Important! Changes you make to the application entry price might result in a change of the due payment amount and the status of the order.

  • Payments - add and remove payments to a registration. Any adjustments you make here are also likely to change the due payment amount and the status of the order.

  • Cancel applications - cancel one or more applications on the selected registration. If there are any cancellation fees add them under the Cancellation price field for each application separately. For example, if an application registration costs 100$ a 20% cancellation fee will be 20$ – put that in the Cancellation price field. If the cancellation fee is a flat amount, enter that flat amount.

Registration comments

You can leave messages for the other members of your organization in Evalato within a registration. You can find the Comments field at the bottom of a registration. Any comments you post there will also appear on the Dashboard and in the organization Activity section, along with a link for quick access to that specific registration.

When viewing the list of registrations, those with comments in them are marked with an icon next to the registration ID.

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