Promo codes are applied manually by the buyer to reduce the total price. To create a promo code go to Discounts > Promo codes.

Important! Promo codes and Special offers cannot be applied at the same time. If a Promo code is entered, any applicable Special offers will be ignored when calculating the total price reduction.

Click on the Add promo code button. You can enter a code or let the software generate it. The discount amount is where you put a percentage or a flat amount off the total value of the order.

There are Advanced settings where you can add various rules for the Promo code.

  • Valid from / Valid until - set a time limit for the promo code. For example you can set a code that can only be used for the next 48 hours.

  • Number of uses allowed - limits the number of times the code can be used. For example, set it to a maximum of 100 uses.

  • Applies to - a promo code can apply to all submission categories or to the ones you choose. Use this field to add and remove categories, leave blank to make it available for all categories.

  • Valid for min/max submissions - set limits to the number of submissions per registration that the code is applicable for. For example if you set 4 as a minimum the registrant will have to buy at least 4 or more submissions, or the code will be considered invalid.

  • Valid for min/max value - same as above only the limit is for the value of a purchase.

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