The Evalato webpage creator lets you build a page for your program in a matter of minutes. Go to Website > Webpage. At the top you will see the page URL link. Below it are the different elements you can add and edit to make the page look the way you want.

Here are a few important things to know:

  • You can embed Evalato into your own website with a simple copy-paste of the code found in Website > Embed code.

  • The personal registration profile sent to applicants has the same information and look as the webpage, so you should set it up even if you are embedding Evalato into your own site.

Program name: the name of the program as you want it to appear on your webpage.

Show registration deadline for non-registered visitors: select whether to show when the program ends.

Show register button: select whether to display a Call-to-action (CTA) button at the top of your program webpage. The button takes visitors straight to the registration form.

About the program

This is where you add all webpage content. You have the usual set of formatting options for a text editor and the ability to add images. Since you cannot host images in Evalato, you will need to upload those images somewhere (like Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, ImageShack, etc). Once the images are uploaded you can add them using the Image function from the tools bar.

To add an image click on the Image tool and in the URL field on top of the pop-up window, enter the link leading to the image! Every image has to be added separately and you can add as many as you need.

Registration form

This lets you choose the text that's just above the registration form. Remember that the purpose of the registration form is to trigger a response from the potential buyer, so a call to action would work great.

This is where you can add links to your various social media channels, as well as enter contact information.

Remember to click SAVE after making changes to your webpage. You can see the results of these changes by opening the program URL.

Cover image

In Website > Branding > Cover you have the option to upload your own cover image. Recommended image size: 1920x750px. Allowed file types: png, jpg, gif, bmp. Maximum file size: 2MB.

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