You can change the registration form’s visual style to fit the visual language on your website. To customize the form for your program go to Website > Branding.

Accent color

This setting changes the color of the buttons on the registration form, including the CTA (Call-to-Action) button at the top of the program webpage.


You can choose from hundreds of fonts for your registration form (we recommend using a font that’s easy to read).

Skin type

Choose between Light and Dark skin type for your registration form. The Dark skin is designed to fit seamlessly into websites with dark background and the White one fits light backgrounds. Of course, you can use Dark skin on a website with light background, or Light skin on dark background, to make the registration form stand out!

Conversion triggers color

This lets you change the text color of all conversion triggers on your registration form. For maximum effect it’s recommended that you pick a color that is clearly visible and stands out.

Special offers color

You can change the color of the special offer badge that appears next to any categories it applies to. Again, for maximum effect it’s recommended to pick a color that is clearly visible and stands out.

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