In Evalato you can choose whether to require payments before or after allowing the sending of applications by an applicant. This is done by going to Settings > Program > Payment time. There you will see the Require payment before allowing application submission checkbox – mark it if you want payments to be done before allowing submissions, or leave it unmarked so payments can be done at a later point after the registration.

If you leave “Require payment before allowing application submission” unmarked, people will be able to pay at a later point, instead of upon registration. This means you will need to set up an offline payment method like Bank transfer or Custom payment, which is done from Settings > Program > Payments & billing

When adding such an offline payment method, name it in a way that indicates that payment can be done later, “Pay later” for example, and make sure to provide clear instructions for the customer on how to pay, so they can successfully complete their payment.

Important: Registrants can later change the payment method from their personal application portal link, by accessing their Registration info section.

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