A confirmation message is displayed at the end of the registration process for program applicants. You can edit these messages by going to Settings > Program > Wording & messages. There are three messages that you can customize any way you like:

  • Successful registration – confirms successful completion of the registration process when no payments are due. This is the standard confirmation message for programs with free applications.
  • Expecting payment – shown when the applicant has chosen an offline payment methods like bank transfer, cash, or other local cash processors, where the payment needs to be received first (and the registration marked as paid manually in Evalato).

Please note that any payment instructions you set in the Payment settings will be displayed automatically below this confirmation message, so you don’t need to include them here.

  • Verifying payment – shown after paying via Debit or Credit Card, PayPal, and other online payment gateways. A confirmation email is sent upon successful payment verification.
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