You can edit the communication sent to people who have registered for your program. When you create a new program the system automatically creates a few default automatic emails: 

  • Registration login

  • Successful registration

  • Successful payment

  • Cancelled registration

  • New judge invitation

These emails have default text in the language you’ve set for the program, but you can edit them. However, you cannot delete default emails as they are required by the system.

Send options allows you to set the displayed name for outgoing emails and add a “Reply to” email address for receiving email replies from registrants. The Reply to email address has to be verified first, if you haven’t added one yet, go to the organization's email addresses settings and add one.

Add a new automatic email

Click on the Add email button to create a new automatic email. You can choose from a number of functional emails:

  • Application submitted

  • Applications approved

  • Application rejected

  • Application shortlisted

  • Application resubmission required

  • Pending judging reminder

  • Custom

Create a Custom email

Custom emails can be anything, from reminders, to important information about changes related to the program. While the other emails are sent automatically triggered by certain conditions, the custom email can be sent at a scheduled date and time, as well as get sent to specific people based on status and category.

Using merge fields

Merge fields are strings of text that are automatically replaced with the recipient’s corresponding values when the email is sent. For example [first_name] will be replaced with the participant’s first name.

Here’s a quick example:

- You can enter “Thank you for registering, [first_name]!”

- John, who just registered for your program will see this as “Thank you for registering, John!

Please note that the [registration_link] merge field is mandatory for all automatic emails.

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