You can create a new application form in Settings > Forms by pressing New application form. A form can be assigned to all application categories or to specific ones. The application form is used by applicants to create their applications before submitting them. 

Customizing an application form

You can always customize the application form by clicking on it. To add a new field press the Add form field button.

Some fields have the Data access option which allows you to choose who can see the information entered into this field.

Pre-fill from registration

The Pre-fill from registration option allows to use certain data entered during the registration used automatically to pre-fill the corresponding fields on the application form. The fields with this option are Name, Company, Job title, Email, Phone, Country, and Address.

Editing an application form

Once a form is created it’s added to the list of existing forms. The contextual button at the end of each row has the Edit button, where you can assign the form to specific categories and change its name.

You can also use the Edit button with an application form opened for customization.

With the "Use as application name" option on, some of the fields on the application form - Name, Company, and Text field, can be used as the identifying name for the entire application. Once set, the application will appear under this name in the applicant and judging portal, as well as the application list if you set it up for public viewing.

Remember to add enough fields so that participants can present their application in the best possible way. You can edit the fields, rearrange their order by moving them with the mouse, or delete a field by clicking on the X next to it.

Data access

Choose who can see the information provided in this field:

  • Everyone - visible during a Public voting phase and if made public from Settings > Program > Applications webpage, as well as to program judges and members of your organization in Evalato.
  • Admins and judges - visible to program judges, as well as to the members of your organization in Evalato.
  • Admins only - only visible to the members of your organization in Evalato.

Here's a short video tutorial on how to create and assign application forms in Evalato:

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