The application categories appear on the registration form for your program, so applicants can choose to register for one or more. Creating your categories is done from Settings > Categories. To add a new category press the Add category button. Later you will need to create an application form and assign it to this new category.

Category name

Give this category a name. For example Car of the Year, Hottest Chocolate, etc.


Set the price for this category – you can change this at any time, just keep in mind leaving the field blank will make the category free.

Crossed-out price

The crossed price will be displayed on the registration form to indicate a price drop. Its value cannot be less than the current Price.

Category description

You can add a description for the application category, so that applicants can decide if it’s the right one for them.


Depending on the status you set for the application category, it can be:

  • "Public" this category is available for evaluation and shown on the registration form.
  • “Hidden” this category is available for evaluation, but not shown on the the registration form.

Application category groups

If you have many application categories and want to keep the registration form tidier, you can put the categories into a few main groups. Use the Add group button to create a new group. You can move around the groups and the categories in them by holding the left mouse button over the icon with the three horizontal lines, visible at the beginning of each row.

Here's a short video tutorial on how to create application categories in Evalato:

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