All organization and user settings can be accessed from the Main menu in the upper right corner of your Evalato workspace. From there you can set up your profile, notifications, billing, and app integrations. You can also add email addresses for your organization, invite people to help you, as well as see a list of your programs.

Click on the organization you want to edit from the Main menu. Once this is done you will see the Organization dashboard tab with a list of your programs, as well as the Organization menu that lets you change a number of settings for your organization.

Cloning a program

You can clone a program that you’ve created in Evalato from the Organization dashboard. This is done by pressing the contextual button that looks like a downwards pointing arrow, located at the end of each row. The cloning feature has one purpose – to save you some time and effort when creating a similar program to one you’ve already created. The cloned program is an exact copy of the original. All settings are cloned except:

  • Promo codes

  • Custom emails

  • Uploaded logos and images

  • Judges (for programs)

General settings

The general settings is where you can make changes to the name of your organization, its location, time zone, and the date / time format. Keep in mind that changes to your organization’s Time zone can also change the time automatic emails are sent, as well as the time when the various phases start and end. You can also Delete organization, as long as there are no accumulated service fees for it.


You can invite people to help you with the workload. Click Co-workers on the Organization menu, then on the Add co-worker button and enter the email address of the person you wish to invite to your organization.

Email addresses

Adding an email address lets you use it as the "Reply to" email (set from Emails > Send options), which is where you'd receive replies to your automatic emails. To add a new email address to your organization simply click the Add email address button. You will have to check your inbox and confirm that the address is valid.

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