How to delete an organization

To delete an organization in Evalato, you need to be the organization owner. Deleting an organization is done by selecting the organization from the Main menu, which takes you to the Organization dashboard and the Organization menu. Use the Organization menu and select the General settings. At the end of the settings, you will see the Delete organization option.

If you press on it, the system will ask you to confirm your decision by typing DELETE. Note that deleting an organization is irreversible and you will lose all information associated with it.

How to leave an organization

You can leave an organization in Evalato, provided that you are not the organization owner. Go to the Organization menu > Settings > General and click on Leave organization at the bottom. The system will ask you to confirm your decision.

IMPORTANT: Note that this action cannot be undone. If you want to join the organization again, you will have to receive a new invitation from the organization owner.

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