You can clone any program created in Evalato. On the Main menu click the name of the organization with the program you wish to clone. You will see the Organization dashboard with a list of your programs.

To clone a program use the contextual button that looks like a downwards pointing arrow, located at the end of each row.

Here’s what gets copied over from the original program:

  • name of the program (adds a “cloned” to the name to avoid confusion), you can rename the program from Settings > Program > Program basics;
  • the dates and times of the program’s registration and submission phases, again changeable from Settings > Program > Program basics;
  • the language, currency and registration type, can be changed from Settings > Program > Registration limit;
  • the rest of the program settings (Registration form, Submission categories, Submission forms, Payment settings, and Automatic emails).
  • Any special offers and conversion triggers used in the original program

What does not get cloned from the existing program to the new one:

  • promo codes
  • registrations
  • custom emails
  • logos and images
  • judges
  • applications
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