The Create program button is located on the main menu, in the top-right corner of your Evalato workspace.

Upon creation your program is in Test mode, which allows you to edit and test everything before switching to Live mode from the program's Dashboard.

Basic program creation settings

  • Organization - choose the organization under which you wish to create the new program.

  • Program title - choose a title for your program, as it will appear throughout the registration experience, like in automatic emails, on the program’s webpage, the customer's personal registration link, etc. 

  • Language - choose the language of your program. Every process that's part of the applicant's experience is automatically translated in the language of the program.

You can change the program title and language after the program is created from Settings > Program > Program basics.

Once you create the program it needs to be fully set up according to your needs, via the program menu. When it's fully set-up you can switch to Live mode and open registrations to the public.

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