You can create a new organization by clicking the Create organization button on the Main menu. You can always create additional organizations for different locations, time zones, or teams afterwards. 

Basic organization setup

  • Organization name - give your organization a name in Evalato. Programs you create will be listed under this organization.

  • Organization type - select the type of your organization that best fits your company profile.

  • Country - select the country where your organization is located.

  • Time zone - select a time zone or let the system automatically assign the time zone that corresponds to the country you’ve selected in Location. Important! This setting affects the time scheduled emails are sent, as well as the start time and end time of different program stages.

Inviting people to your organization

Evalato has a number of team collaboration features that speed up and improve the management of your programs. То invite members of your team to an organization, click the Add co-worker button and enter the email of the person you wish to invite. You can invite as many people as you need, on a per organization basis.

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