Evalato is a powerful end-to-end platform that helps you manage awards and programs such as scholarships, grants, employee recognition, virtual events, etc. It is provided internationally as a paid SaaS (software as a service) and supports 40+ languages and 160+ currencies across the globe.


Evalato's admin UI consists of two essential menus - the Main menu, which takes the top of the workspace at all times and expands when you press in the upper-right area of the bar, and the Program menu, which is on the left of your workspace when you're working on a program.

Main menu

Located in the top right corner of your browser window, the Main menu provides access to all organization, user profile, notification and app integration settings. A user who creates an organization in Evalato is considered its owner and can also access the Billing section for that organization.

Program menu

Located to the left of your workspace when working on a program. It contains all settings and tools you need to tailor everything to your exact requirements, including the registration data and all applications for the program.

How it works

Step 1 - Create and customize your program including the registration and application process.

Step 2 - When ready, launch your program, so people can register for it and submit their applications.

Step 3 - Enjoy total control to manage registrations and submitted applications, including judge assignments, round shortlisting, etc.

Step 4 (optional) - Analyze data, post results.


  1. Create your program.

  2. Set your application process settings (Settings > General > Application process).

  3. Adjust your registration process settings and customize your registration form (Settings > Registration).

  4. Add one or more application and/or participant categories to be listed on the registration form for the program (Settings > Categories).

  5. Create one or more application forms and assign them to the program categories (Settings > Forms).

  6. Manage the program’s payment options and settings, if applicable (Settings > Payments).

Evaluation phase

  1. Create one or more evaluation rounds for the program (Evaluation > Rounds).

  2. Invite program judges and assign them to application categories and/or evaluation rounds (Evaluation > Judges).

  3. Approve/reject and manage applications (Applications).

Additional steps

  • Customize branding options (Website > Branding)

  • Create your automated communication (Emails).

  • Set up your program web page (Website > Webpage)

  • Customize your applicant, judging, and public voting portals (Website > Applicant/Judging/Public voting portal).

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