With Evalato you can add bank transfer payments and receive money directly to your bank account, without the software acting as a middleman. To do that you need to go to Settings > Payments > Payment methods and press Add payment method, then select the Bank transfer method.

Next, you must provide the necessary bank account details and give clear payment instructions in the Payment instructions field in Evalato. That way the potential buyer will know what to do in order to go through with their payment. Here’s a quick example:

"Make your payment to:
Company name _____
Address ___________
IBAN  _____________

Please, provide this registration number as reason for payment - [registration_id]"

Since bank transfer is essentially an offline payment method, Registrations using it need to be marked as paid manually upon successful payment.

[registration_id] merge field
The [registration_id] merge field can only be used for the Bank transfer payment method and is used to identify which registration the payment is for. The [registration_id] part will be replaced by the customer’s registration ID number, so that they can provide that number when making the payment in the bank.

Payment icons
Bank transfer has a dedicated Payment icon that will be automatically displayed on your Registration form if you add the payment method. Please keep in mind these icons serve only as a visual indicator for the person making the purchase.

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