PayUbiz (also known as PayU India) is an Indian consumer payment processor that offers high-level security, multiple payment methods, and excellent features at competitive pricing.

To use PayUbiz you need an active PayUbiz merchant account and to complete the setup for the payment method.

Setup instructions

  1. Register for a PayU merchant account at

  2. PayU will contact you via email with instructions on the second step of the registration process

  3. Once your merchant account is approved you will receive your Merchant ID and Security key 3. 

  4. Go to Settings > Payments > Payment methods and press Add payment method, then add the PayUbiz / PayU India payment method.

  5. Enter the Merchant ID and Security key in the corresponding Evalato fields of the payment method

Registrations using PayU are automatically marked as paid upon successful payment.

What you need

  • A bank account – this is where your funds will be deposited once you ask to withdraw them.

  • A merchant account – allows you to accept payments online.

Payment icons

You can add Payment icons on your registration form to show which forms of payment are supported. Keep in mind that the icons serve only as a visual indicator for the person making the purchase. If you are not certain which forms of payment are supported by the selected payment processor we advise checking with the processor’s official documentation.

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